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Wickedly Awesome Transplanetary Warfare Amongst Terrestrials

A 2-4 player competitive 2D battle arcade inspired by Super Smash Bros.

The players are fighting against each other in space using planets, powerups and gravity to their advantage. Who will emerge victorious?


  • Insanely competitive gameplay
  • Powerups, powerups, powerups
    • Exploding fireballs
    • Super strength
    • Super resistance
    • Super speed
  • Planets that you can slingshot around
  • Whack your friends with bats

Playing the game

In order to play WATWAT you can either download the binary for your platform on our Itch.io page or build it from source using Unity.


The game requires you to use at least two Dual Analog Stick controllers.


  • Move with Left Analog Stick
  • Jump with Cross (PS), A (XBox) or 2 (RumblePad).
  • Attack with Square (PS), X (XBox) or 1 (RumblePad).

In menu

  • Select menu buttons with either the D-Pad or the Left Analog Stick.
  • "Click" with Cross (PS), A (XBox) or 2 (RumblePad).

Built With



This project is licensed under the MIT License


You can check out the source code on GitHub.


WATWAT.app.zip 88 MB

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